How to change
human behavior?
Annual 48-hour hackathon to fight climate change.
Join us to build solutions for the planet.
Make The Planet Great Again (MTPGA) has supported and collaborated with more than 40 companies, environmental organizations and initiatives. Together we have identified one common problem central to climate change – human behavior.

Every year our annual hackathon convenes to take on this challenge in a new part of the world. From New York to Munich, we have partnered with institutions and young people all over to tackle this most pressing challenge.

In 2021, while originally planned in person for Manila, Philippines we shifted to an online format in collaboration with Benilde Hub of Innovation for Inclusion @ Peter D. Garrucho Jr. Innovations Institute (HiFi) and Yunus Enviroment Hub.

We believe these solutions can change the world, all participants are eligible for ongoing mentorship from Make The Planet Great Again and Benilde HiFi to realize their solutions, including introductions to contacts and access to a global community of expert advisers.

Check out the solutions!

One central question
How to change human behavior?
No matter how good the product or how innovative the idea – if you fail to influence people to adopt it, the change you seek to make cannot scale effectively. Climate change is fundamentally driven by human behavior, it is only by shifting our behavior that true change can be achieved. This year, we are working together with Benilde Hifi to address this issue.
hours of action
Using different co-creation methods, you will learn to explore problems and solutions from different angles, work together with your team and pitch your results to a panel of experts for feedback.

As a student or young professional, you have the unique opportunity to join a global consortium of pro-planet activists and shape the solutions of tomorrow.
MTPGA Projects
We will not only introduce two projects from our community, but they will also offer their professional insights as you work together on creating new solutions.
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Solutions Gallery
Check out all solutions to change human behavior developed in our annual hackathon. All proposals were eligible for ongoing mentorship from Make The Planet Great Again.
Benilde Hifi Hackathon 2021
Manila, Philipines
A series of mobile adaptive hubs focused on introducing urban Agriculture practices and its practical yet sustainable benefits through hands-on educational experiences.

Watch the pitch
Benilde Hifi Hackathon 2021
Manila, Philipines
Eco marketplace & social media platform designed for sustainability by providing easy and affordable access to trusted eco-brands, a sustainability lifestyle tracker and the ability to share valuable content about the planet.

Watch the pitch
Benilde Hifi Hackathon 2021
Manila, Philipines
Inclusion centered project to create safer commuter culture in Benilde by reclaiming spaces for people and providing passageways for sustainable transportation options.

Watch the pitch
Bahay Kubo
Benilde Hifi Hackathon 2021
Manila, Philipines
A social venture that sets safe, nature-based, and community-based standards for tourist accommodations co-created with the local communities, and promotes sustainable livelihood and employment.
Watch the pitch
NYU Makerspace Hackathon 2019
New York, USA
A production company and online platform focused on creating and distributing content that motivates viewers to change their behaviour to minimise environmental impact.

Watch the pitch
NYU Makerspace Hackathon 2019
New York, USA
A mobile app that calculates the emissions impact of a wide range of foods (and menus) then compares them with alternatives of a similar calorific value for which the emissions impact is less.

Plant-it Market
NYU Makerspace Hackathon 2019
New York, USA
A re-design of the real-world experience of existing urban farmer's markets to enable consumers to experience, adopt and share plastic-free sustainable solutions.
NYU Makerspace Hackathon 2019
New York, USA
A web browser extension that provides shoppers with green solutions (including comparisons or alternatives) within multiple product categories.
New Leaf Fund
NYU Makerspace Hackathon 2019
New York, USA
A crowdsourcing B-2-B platform to enable small businesses to collectively buy sustainable products — by making these products more accessible and affordable to businesses.
Hear from our hackathon participants...
The Panel of Experts
Discover past panelists below
Every year, a diverse range of social entrepreneurs and experts across industries join our hackathon to assess your solution and offer invaluable feedback.
Ryan Gersava
Founder and President at Virtualahan and Spectrum
Peter Schwarzenbauer
Former Member of the Board at BMW Group
Louise Mabulo
Founder & Young Champion of the Earth 2019 at The Cacao Project
Dr. Mei Wang
Global Program Lead-China Bridge & Tech4good at Accenture & Open Innovation
Jay Michael Jaboneta
Terri Jayme-Mora
Special Projects Lead at Firetree Philanthropy
Lorenzo Antonio "LA" Aguilar
OIC Director & Head of Community Management Unit at Benilde Hub of Innovation For Inclusion (HiFi)
Khevin Yu
Energy Transition Campaigner at Greenpeace Philippines
Rosedel Davies Adewebi
VP, Innovation Lead at Morgan Stanely
Micah Kotch
Managing Director at URBAN-X
Odile Beniflah
Head of International at Meetup
Nate Pinsely
Managing Director at A/D/O by Mini
Anne Laure-Fayard
Associate professor of Innovation, Design and Organizational Studies at NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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Institutions we have worked with...
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About us.
Make The planet great again is a global community of pro-planet activists dedicated to positive action for our planet.

Our mission is to energize a movement of positivity, unity and inspiration by bringing to light environmental and social projects from all over the world that work every day towards making our home a better place. In doing so, we highlight how each and every one of us, whether it be through big or small acts, has the power to do the same. We inspire a braveness in others launch a project of their own or become a pro-planet activist.

Everyone can make a change and every single one counts.

We can do better, together.
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48-hour hackathon to fight climate change.
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